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World's First
Universal Secure E-Bike Charging Station

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Secure Charging Stations


Login Screen for Parkent App
Map Screen for Parkent App

How to Park & Charge Your E-Bike

Station Locking & Charging:

  1. When arriving at the station, push your e-bike into the open dock and pull up the Parkent phone app.

  2. Select the location either on the map OR on the list of locations.

  3. Then press [Select Station] to let the app know you’re there.

  4. Check that your e-bike is in the same dock letter shown on the screen. Select from the pull-down menus the station name and your bike type. Then press [Connect]

  5. You’ll be prompted to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and pair to the same station you named in the drop-down menu. You may have to repeat the {hitting the [Connect] button from the previous screen depending on your phone. 

  6. A pop-up will appear to check the clearance of your spokes. We at Parkent lock the frame and the wheel of your e-bike. Then press the [Lock] button.

  7. In 5 seconds metal bars will secure the wheel and frame of your e-bike. A 110 AC outlet will power on for your e-bike charger.

  8. Plugin your e-bike charger, connect the other end to your e-bike battery and stow the charger in an available cubby.

  9. Your e-bike is now securely charging!

Station Unlocking:

  1. When returning to your e-bike select the station location. 

  2. Select the station name, your bike type, and hit connect.

  3. Your phone may need to reconnect via Bluetooth to the station.

  4. Then, once connected, press [UNLOCK]

  5. In 5 seconds the metal bars will disengage and the outlet will turn off.

  6. Unplug and store your e-bike charger.

  7. Remove your e-bike from the station.

  8. Now you have the power to get to your destination!

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E-bikes parked in the Green Monster at CES 2022 in the eMobility Experience!



Parkent in the Media

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Parkent was started to help a friend in college who had two bicycles stolen in a week. The bike thief was nice enough to leave a sticky note with "THANKS" written on it!

The first idea was to build a smart bicycle rack. At the Georgia Tech Flashpoint Accelerator program the idea pivoted to secure e-bike charging stations. The right idea at the right time to coincide with the incredible rise of e-bikes and other Micromobility devices.

Further credit to The FARM | Boomtown Comcast NBCUniversal Accelerator program for refining our message and getting the word out to the world. 

 Parkent is proud to provide the first universal secure e-bike charging station in the world. 

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